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Rotterdam – Terror threat concert venue Rotterdam man arrested in Brabant

A 22-year-old male living in the Dutch provence of Brabant was arrested Thursday morning regarding the terror threat Wednesday evening in Rotterdam. A concert that was supposed to begin Wednesday evening in the Maassilo was cancelled because of the threat.

Thursday morning at approximately 02.00 hrs  members of  a special intervention team entered a house in the Dutch provence of Brabant. A 22-year old male was arrested regarding the threat in Rotterdam. His house was extensively searched in the hours after the raid. 

Wednesday evening at  approximately 21.30 hrs a police officer that was stationed close to the venue decided to stop a van that he saw driving at around 21.30 hrs. The van had Spanish plates and was driven by a Spanish national. Inside the van the officer noticed  a couple of gas bottles. The driver, who appeared to be under the influence of an alcoholic substance, was detained and transferred to a police facility. Bomb experts searched the van and didn’t find. Besides the bottles nothing of interest was found. The driver, a mechanic, gave an explanation of why the bottles were in his van. His house was searched last night and no link with the terror threat was found. The man is still detained and will be questioned when sober.

The Maassilo is located in the South of Rotterdam and is a former silo that is in use as a concert- and dance venue and some companies have their offices there. 

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